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Our Approach

Our 3 Step Process

The success we create for our clients starts with 3 simple steps:
Plan, Build and Protect, and the best of all, we take care of all of it for you!

Plan: The First Step

Plan: The First Step

Charles R. Green & Associates, Inc. utilizes a comprehensive and holistic approach that focuses on the Key Wealth Management Pillars to assist in outlining and answering our client’s specific needs, investment objectives, and goals.

We get to know our clients personally. We value building a relationship with you and pay close attention to your dreams, desires, and aspirations. That’s the only way we can offer you the tailored services and individualized approach you require and deserve. We make sense of your financial situation so you can live the life you want.

Build: The Second Step

Build: The Second Step

Collaboration is key.  After meeting with us we will also begin collaborating with your current skilled professionals, such as attorneys and CPAs. Then it’s time to put your financial plan into action. We clarify and prioritize objectives so we can create a roadmap that tackles all your financial goals.  We will address all the fundamental areas that are important to you, including all 5 Key Wealth Management Pillars: Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, and Risk Management.

Our goal is to deliver an individualized plan that will lead you towards your financial goals, just like a map.

Protect: The Third Step

Protect: The Third Step

Once the plan is established, our goal is to protect it by constantly monitoring your accounts and the financial roadmap we have created together.  Priorities and goals will inevitably shift through time which is why we continually review your situation and make any necessary adjustments.   

This is done through routine review meetings, ongoing educational updates and workshops, and continuous monitoring and adjustments.

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